How To Add Photos

Please note if you wish to add a photo to a design that does not show a photo in the product example, then you must contact us before ordering to ensure the design is suitable to add photos to.

Adding Images

Once you have found a design that requires you to send us a photo or photos simply place your order and then email your photos to, along with your name, order number or postcode.

We will then create your design & get it ready for delivery! If for any reason we do not receive your photos, a member of our team will get in touch via email to request them.

We do not automatically send a proof of the finished product before we print, however if you would like one please request this when placing your order.

Please note we cannot alter the quality of the images so may struggle with older or smaller images. We will be in touch if we find we cannot use the image or images provided.

Making Text & Design Changes

Add the customisation you would like to make to your order clearly in the boxes found on all product pages. There is also an additional instructions box for anything extra you wish to change.

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